Doing my best to add a little quirkiness to everyday life.....

Doing my best to add a little quirkiness to everyday life.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Virgin Post

OK - so here goes.  For those of you who don't know me (which I would imagine is most of you)  I have attached a few images of my latest work.  I have always been drawn to the human form and that is what most informs my work.  Now, my take on what constitutes the human figure can be a bit broad, but that is just part of the wonderfulness of me!

Wise Woman of the Woods

Close up of her face

Found Object Robot

Her cute little butt!

Sweet face made from a door lock...

What is on her mind (ha!)

Seriously, though, all I have ever been interested in doing is representing the human form, generally female although not exclusively, and using every kind of mixed media technique there is in the process.   I bead, embroider, felt, collage, sculpt, stitch, paint, glue and embellish (to ridiculous levels!).  As soon as I see some cool new technique I start thinking of ways to incorporate it into my work.

Some people get it, some don't.  I have gotten every comment there is from references to voodoo dolls to tears (of joy).  It is not always easy to hear, but I am working on remembering that everyone's opinion has some merit, even if it hurts.

I guess that is all part of the process.


  1. Hey, I'm waiting for your next post! I need words of wisdom and humorous sarcasm! Where are you my red-headed friend? Louise says "meow" which could mean hello or feed me!

  2. I enjoyed looking at your blog. You are very talented.