Doing my best to add a little quirkiness to everyday life.....

Doing my best to add a little quirkiness to everyday life.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doing time at the Erie County Fair

So every year I go to the fair with a few of my fellow fiber addicts and sit for a few hours in the Historical Building to demonstrate some of the different methods of making art dolls.  I get in for free, park for free and get to touch base with a couple of ladies I only see once a year who ooh and aah over all the things I bring with me.  Sometimes I even sell a couple of pieces.

This year, being the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the place where we usually sit was filled with a memorial exhibit, so we sat in another part of the same building to do our thing.  The 9/11 display used as its audio background a taped recording of the song Amazing Grace playing on continuous loop.  Over and over again.  On bagpipes.  After about twenty minutes of this I felt my jaws clench and I was not sure how I was going to stand it. 

But then, a wonderful thing happened. 

A crowd of older ladies came over to check out what we were doing and became completely absorbed in the pieces I had on display.  They carefully examined each one, exclaiming over their detail and laughingly pointed out various humorous touches to each other.  They really got it, which I have to tell you, not every one does.  It warmed my heart and put me in my happy place.   They even bought some pieces!  

I didn't hear the bagpipes any more (and really, I love bagpipes, but not the same song ad infinitum); all I heard was the buzz of the creative muse in my head and the echoes of the lovely things the ladies had to say.  Didn't mind the heat, didn't mind the flies, all was right with the world.  It reminded me of why I do this in the first place.  And so I dove into the piece I was demonstrating on and created until it was time to leave.

Thanks for the reminder, ladies.  I really needed it.

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