Doing my best to add a little quirkiness to everyday life.....

Doing my best to add a little quirkiness to everyday life.....

Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm baaaaaaccck!

Don't know if you remember (or if I do either) but I used to write this thing called a blog.  About 100 years ago - ok the last time was only last summer but it sure feels like 100 years ago.

There have been some changes since then - narrowed the focus of my art, downsized my belongings significantly and oh yeah, lost my job.  

I have spent the last month doing the aforementioned downsizing, rearranging the studio, making plans and reading.  Lots and lots of reading.  Novels, art technique books, doll books - you name it, I have read it.  And here is the wisdom I have accumulated from all this reading - it's time to get off my ass.  I need to actually make something instead of just envisioning.  Real, honest to god work - not just pipe dreams.

Here are some pictures of the kinds of stuff I am capable of:

My first beaded doll

Mixed Media - love using book pages!!

Wet felting on an ostrich egg

Body made from vintage quilt fragment

Crazy girl on tea tin body - and more book pages!

Needle and wet felted head - colored with chalk and makeup

The second beaded doll - gotta love beads!

So now you see that I actually can do something, provided I can lever myself up out of my chair and point myself into the studio.

A good friend of mine consults a super talented psychic who says that March is going to be a time of great change and adventure for me.

I'm ready and waiting.  It can't come soon enough!

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  1. Ok my friend- get off your ass! Love ya!
    Can't wait to see what comes out of that brain of yours next.